For the 2022 module on Iterate and Prototype for game design students, we have continued to use LEGO as material to think about digital experiences. Students used LEGO bricks to try and experiment with the space and map out experiences according to potential ‘players’. For that, we have utilised a mix of paper, thread, and LEGO pieces.


By using materials that were accessible to them, students could try to change, adapt and iterate experiences they were designed to be used with mobile phones. The idea was to create a tangible experience map.

Lessons learnt:

  1. Personas were not very attractive to them, and perhaps what we needed was an experience profile instead of an actual ‘person’ with a photo.
  2. Although tangible resources let them ‘play’ while making the experience, these were a bit flat if considering the actual context of the project (e.g. making an AR experience). Therefore, it was more difficult to translate that prototyping technique to the actual AR /final artefact.

[text under construction. Last update February 2024]

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