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I’m a problem solver design researcher 🦄

I’m a design researcher, UX designer and educator. I love the way people create meaning through interactions with interfaces. Welcome! If you’re looking for Vanissa Wanick, then you’ve found the right page and there is no misspelling! You are super! 🌟

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Some background

Since 2006, I’ve worked as a web and graphic designer, developing layouts for digital media and creating better solutions for people and brands. At that time, there was no term for UX design. We were called “web designers” – or sometimes “just” designers. All I can say is that I always worked with digital design. I was introduced to the concept of UX when I was working at the newspaper O GLOBO, where I had the opportunity to work with an AMAZING team of designers. I remember reading for the first time the “classic”copies of “101 Design Methods”“About Face” and Don Norman’s books. I went to the Interaction Latin America Conference in 2012 and that was the turning point to me. I can say I was heavily influenced by Norman’s work and many other ideas about UX, emotions and interface design. But this is another story and you can follow my academic publications if you want to know more!

In 2017, I’ve finished my PhD, researching themes about advergames, cross-cultural studies, persuasive games, pervasive technologies and, of course, design, UX and HCI applied to games. I’ve created a framework to help designers create advergames that can be used across cultures.

Today I am linked to the academic world (lots of teaching and research!) but I have worked in the industry before that. I’ve worked with data visualisation, user experience, interfaces, interactive infographics, illustration and web design for companies like Jornal O GLOBO (2012), Jornal do Brasil (2007), Escola 24horas (2009) and AddTechnologies (2010).

Some academic achievements

I hold a PhD in Design from the University of Southampton, UK (2017). I also hold a BA in Design from PUC-Rio (2006), and I have a MBA in Marketing from UFF (2008), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I was a tutor at Instituto Infnet (Digital Design Undergraduate Course: web design and digital marketing) and I was a collaborator/teaching assistant at IED (Instituto Europeo di Design) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I am also a Fellow of the High Education Academy (HEA).

Research and extra links

And the year is 2019! Interesting things so far…

  • I’m a guest speaker at the Graphica 2019 conference that will happen in September 2019
  • I’m social media chair of CHIPlay 2019
  • I am coordinating a track at the ADIM2019 conference and helping to organise the ADIM communication strategies
  • If you want to know more about my work and CV, just add me in Linkedin.