The year was 2018, but I’ve attended a Hackathon supported by the Winchester City Council. The event was at the University of Winchester and around 30 people attended: from local businesses to citizens. The objective was to rethink spaces. We have proposed the Match Space: an app where citizens and local businesses can meet and discuss how to use ‘unused’ spaces and for which purpose. We have created a prototype (simply using Google Forms). Below are some images from the event and our certificate.

Lessons learnt:

  • You can prototype ideas very quickly using accessible tools (e.g., ppts, forms, etc.). A simple Google Form has done the job. We have managed to create something in a day and to test it with people.
  • Technology is at our service and not the opposite. For instance, we didn’t need fancy AR and other things to be able to engage and create the ‘app’. A simple QR on the window did the job.

My role was to design the mockups and propose the ideas to the team. We won a prize, which was very nice indeed! Lacuna was the initial name. Below some iterations.

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