Not long ago I found this tool called AutoDraw

The tool allows users to draw something and the AI completes it via a guessing mechanism. Imagine the old game Pictionary but now the AI is the player and is trying to guess what you are drawing.

As a fun thing, I’ve decided to create a village based on drawings of a ‘house’.

The menu shows suggestions for images. There are plenty of styles – particularly for houses. The experiment can go beyond that. It can be used for notetaking for example, but to what extent is the AI biased and how might the recommendations influence your decisions for the design?

Personally I didn’t have a plan to design a village, but the aesthetics were interesting to follow. Can this be like a platformer game? – I thought – as it reminded me of the game Spiritfarer, a beautiful game.

But what are the limitations here? How much of it might limit my design intentions? And how would the tool limit my thinking and how might I make connections with existing schema and artefacts that already exist?

As such, I leave here a note. You might find this tool interesting and might want to give it a go. You may recreate scenes like Spiritfarer for fun sake, but what else can it do for you? How might you play Pictionary with the AI? And how many of these decisions are biased?

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