During a search for 3D js scripts, I’ve found the app world draw. World draw is a very nice way to combine AI and human creativity (or at least drawing!). In this app, you can draw a not very beautiful drawing but the app will soon recognise it and match it with a vector. This vector is then rendered in 3D and could be manipulated by the user, changing colours and size.

What is very interesting about this app is the integration between human activity (drawing) and the AI recognising and tracking the location of new creations. It is just an experiment but it is worth thinking about applications.

The world
Tracking creations around the world
Screen with drawing space
Translation of drawing and 3D image

Possible applications

Sustainable (shared) practices

People could share their creations using sustainable materials. For example, they could share possible designs with each other and together build a more sustainable community. The app could have a tracking system that would calculate “points” of sustainability, according to environmental aspects and the materials used. In this case, the design of objects and things using these materials would be crucial. This could include metrics like the amount of waste provided by the way the object is design. For example, in order to make shoes, one might want to use the maximum of the fabric and therefore the cut of the fabric should be very precise.

The development of a “Creativity bank

From the amount of drawings, this tool could save and build a massive database of drawings from people around the world. This could help designers and marketers to understand the meaning behind certain drawings in different cultures.

So far I could think about 2 applications but the most exciting thing is working with an intelligent agent that could become even more intelligent 🤓. Imagine what could be done in the future and all the possibilities that can emerge from the interactions between AI and humans. We will definitely build a collective intelligence of not just human knowledge but emerging knowledge from AI (which at the moment is still rudimentary). Even if we could make the AI automate some patterns for us, we can definitely think about collaborations in three strands: machine-machine, human-machine and human-human.

I just love what we can do with tech. But most importantly, how can we shape technology to achieve our goals.

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