Together with Dr Eirini Bazaki, we’ve introduced a paper that explores the potential of 3D technology (such as virtual fitting rooms) for online retail brands (specifically for fashion brands). The paper looks at examples of 3D technology applied in online and mobile websites, also looking at theories like brand experience and the service dominant logic. Since consumers could try clothes without having to leave their homes through the use of these technologies, what would be the managerial and practical implications for retailers?

The paper was published at the conference Academy for Design Innovation Management in 19th-21st June, International conference in Design Management, held in London.

Why should we be talking about 3D and virtual environments in retail?

As published in the website trendwatching in 2019, one of the biggest trends in retail is the MAGIC point. This means that the future of retail is completely related to the level of experiences that consumers have with products. But most importantly, because of the combination between digital and physical, there are many things we can do and imagine.

What is the impact?

On a personal note, by integrating the virtual with physical we might be able to save materials. Imagine if you could try clothes virtually and that could be made on demand? It might not sound too practical or easy, but with advances in technology, it might be possible. Let’s consider the possibilities.

Have a look at our paper and let us know what you think!

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